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culture of bihar
Bihar has a rich cultural heritage. The predominant themes are from the myths and legends of Hinduism. The Hindu deities, Lord Rama and His consort, Seeta, and Lord Shiva and His consort, Parvati, form the main theme of folk paintings. Bihar, a land of many Buddhist Monasteries is also known as 'The Land of Buddha'.

The beautiful stories of the ancient times are depicted in the exquisite handicrafts of Bihar.

One of the art forms of Bihar, the Madhubani School of Painting, has lately received much attention and poularity. Madhubani, in the culture of biharheart of the Mithila region, had a rich tradition of wall paintings done by the village women with vegetable dyes. An artist encouraged them to try their wall paintings on paper and since then Mithila paintings gained ground. These line paintings in primary colors normally depict village scenes, human and animal forms, gods and goddesses.

Patna Qalam

Patna Qalam is a very popular School of Painting of Bihar. This offshoot of the well-known Mughal Miniature School of Painting flourished in Bihar during early 18th to mid 20th century. With the decline of the Mughals, the Delhi artists migrated to Murshidabad. Some of them came to Patna and practiced their craft following a style that gradually came to be known as the Patna Qalam. The style is famous for its soft colors and the use of hand made paper or mica sheets. Most of these paintings depict the life of the people of Bihar.

Folk Arts Chhau Dance

The simple tribal people of Bihar express their creative joy through the Chhau dance, which was originally a war dance, preformed in order to perfect fighting techniques. It has, over the years, evolved into a narrative ballet.

Jat-Jatin Dance

Jat-Jatin Dance of the Mithila region is performed by the Harijans where one person performs the role of Jat (the husband) and Jatin (the wife) wearing masks and goes through the story of their life.


Bidesia is another form of dance drama that is extremely popular in the Bhojpuri-speaking region of Bihar.

Vidyapati Songs

The region of Mithilanchal is famous for the songs of Vidyapati (famous poet of early medieval age) those can be heard even now in the evenings from several homes in the region. Bhojpuri folksongs are popular in Bihar and second to none when it comes to beats and rhythm.


Villages around Bodhgaya create fascinating handicrafts. Fantastic bamboo articles, leather works, statues made up of white metal, wooden toys and baskets made from cane and bamboo are available in plenty.

Bhagalpur is famous for its silk industry and is considered to be one of the best silk producing centres in India, in manufacturing silk yarn and weaving them into lovely products. This silk is of a distinct and special type. It is known as the tussah or tusser silk.

Other crafts of Bihar include Sujni embroidery, lac bangle making, and creation of decorative and utility items of Seenki (a local dried grass).

Bihar is also famous for the cotton dhurries and curtains produced by artisans in central Bihar, particularly in the Patna and Bihar-Sharif areas.

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