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Making changes to your birth certificate
Author : Marilyn Dsouza Tuesday, August 6, 2019

After the recent discovery of an error in the details on my birth certificate, I found out that it is quite a challenge to get it changed. I was fortunate enough to find out that there were certain requirements that I could handle by myself. I began gathering the documentation and finally went to the office where my birth was registered, and they told me that they forgot about one of the needed documents, and I had to come back later to submit it. All the same, I did that and the entire process took about two months from start to finish. All this because there was a typo on my birth certificate.


Making a change as small as a missing letter should not take two months. In this day and age where everything is being handled at the click of a button or the tap of a screen, people do not always have the time to run back and forth to make these changes to their documents. The system for the longest time needed improvement and finally, with the coming in of a website where changes could be made to birth certificates, a majority of the birth certificate related issues were solved.



What can be handled on this birth certificate website?

All tasks relating to getting a birth certificate can be handled through the portal without even having to leave the comfort of your house. Obviously, the additional documentation would have to be handled independently, either directly or through agents.


        Making changes to typos or errors on your birth certificate

        Applying for a new or duplicate birth certificate

        Getting any information relating to birth certificates can also be handled through this portal

Are there any issues with a digital birth certificate process?

In a country as large as India, there are people who would not have the technical know-how to handle filling out online forms. To tackle this issue, the old system has not been changed, it just works alongside the new one. For people who lack the time to handle the manual filling out of forms, they can just download the forms and submit them.


There are other changes as well, as the manual submission of documents, which was a challenge in itself, has been improved to upload scanned documents. This was easier since most people would be able to handle this through their phones directly. Again, for those who could not or preferred personally handling their documents, there was a provision for them as well.



The process of using a website for your birth certificate needs?

All users had to do was


        Log in to the online birth certificate website

        Download the respective form depending on their requirement

        Upload the filled out form

        Attach supporting documents


The company will literally handle the rest. They would intimate you through phone or email informing you if you would have to travel to their office to collect the final document or if they could mail it to your address.

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