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Are Bangladeshis jumping borders to live in Bihar?
Author : Marilyn Dsouza Friday, November 30, 2018

After all that Bangladesh has seen, it isn’t hard to believe that many of the people in the country might be in search of better options elsewhere. Many people have started creating their Bangladeshi passports and moving across their borders for better prospects. Since India shares a border with Bangladesh, a lot of their population make their way into the country. Creating a passport in Bangladesh is not as difficult as one might think but it does take some time and effort to fill out the forms, gather the right information and pay the fees.

Are there illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Bihar?

Assam and Bihar have officially started having agitations for the immigrants in their respective states. 6000 families were recently asked to prove their Indian nationality by the Government of India. This caused a lot of issues, not only from an administrative point of view and a burden to the Government in terms of schemes but also in terms of political unrest.

The Government also mentioned that they are looking for a proper mechanism to track these individuals. They are coming up with a way to give them the proper documentation and send them back to their country. One of the main reasons for this was the altering of the demography of the state which causes a lot of people to fall on the wrong side of the imaginary line thereby get stuck in a different country.

In a recent newspaper article, two Bangladeshi nationals were caught on a train in Bihar for suspicious behavior. They stated that they were part of a refugee camp in Myanmar.

How difficult is it to get a Bangladeshi passport?

The Bangladesh passport is one of the easiest to receive since it is not as strong as many others and ranks 94th in terms of travel freedom. In 2010, Bangladesh announced that they were scrapping 6.6 million handwritten passports for their new machine-readable ones. The process of creating these new ones is not difficult at all. We have mentioned the steps below.

  • Submit the filled in documents and applications

  • Make sure you attach the supporting documents with it, including identification and address proof

  • Provide your photograph matching their specifications

  • Pay the fees

After all, this has been handled, you should receive the passport in about two to three weeks. This is subject to the workload the passport department will be handling at the time of your application.

This information has been gathered by Bangladeshi Passport.

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