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IGRS Telangana
Author : Bikram Singh Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Official Website of Registration & Stamp Department, Government of Telangana is established as an Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS) to help the citizens of state.

IGRS TS- An overview

System->Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS)
Article category->Informational
Government Department  ->Registration & Stamp Department, Government of Telangana

IGRS Telangana services

IGRS Telangana is beneficial for both the citizens and government of Telangana. The online portal provides various facilities to the citizens. Some of the services that IGRS Telangana provides to its citizen are as follows-  

Through IGRS, people can search market value of land property.
IGRS also provide a service of online search of prohibited property in the state.
They can also search Encumbrance Certificate (EC).
Provides eStamp services to the public.
People can gather all information property, society, firm and marriage registration.
It also shares information on chit funds.
Citizens can search their SRO (Sub-Registrar Office)
IGRS Telangana also provide information on notaries, stamp vendors, and Franking services.
Citizens can also share their feedback and grievance related to any matter Registration & Stamp Department of Telangana.
Advantages of IGRS Telangana
IGRS Telangana is a good example of use of information technology to facilitate good governance in the state.
IGRS facilitates transparency and thus helps in reducing corruption and fraudulent activities.
Citizens can use this online platform for redressal of their grievance and complaints.
Citizens do not have to visit the respective department for various issues as these tasks can be solved through IGRS Telangana portal.
It saves time and have also reduced the manual work.

As the Indian infrastructure is progressing, the property and land dealings across the country have seen stupendous growth. People are purchasing land not only for industrial and commercial but also for Investment purposes. But what if someone comes out of nowhere and tells you that the property you owned for all these years is not really yours? IGRS Telangana Undoubtedly, it will make your blood run cold.

This is a frequently occurring problem in the real-estate market of India, especially in the rural areas. Which is why buying a property is treated as a risky affair these days. Illegal Encroachments, forgery, disputes – The issues associated with land dealings are multifold, hence one needs to be aware of the necessary steps to address this situation.

The Government of Telangana has therefore established IGRS, an independent online portal under its Registration and Stamp Department. The IGRS Telangana not only helps the citizens to deal with fraudulent cases in the land sector, but it also educates them to mitigate its futuristic occurrence.

You Can Also Get Property Registration Details In IGRSUP


IGRS Telangana is an online portal of Telangana, responsible for ensuring transparency and accountability in land transactions. This system is also accountable for Land registration, Sale deeds, and obtaining Encumbrance Certificate in Telangana (EC Telangana). Under IGRS Telangana,  senior law enforcement officials have been recruited to keep an eye on public complaints and to ensure speedy and transparent redressal of their grievances.

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