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Information about novel written by a native of Bihar
Author : Shiv Kumar Friday, November 26, 2010

Name of the novel- A METRO NIGHTMARE




Pages -200

Price – Rs 200 in India, $14 elsewhere.

Author- Shiv Kumar

Publisher- Frog books, an imprint of Leadstart publishing private limited

Published in September 2010

Publishing and managing editor- Sunil Kr. Poolani

Books editors-Sharmila Ramnani and Sadhvi Sharma


A young woman-Gauri commits suicide on Delhi Metro tracks. Her suicide note claimed that she had killed her husband-Siva. Inspector Yahsvardhan a staunch casteist and SI Arjun Singh, himself a victim of caste violence are given the charge of investigating the truth behind the suicide. As they begin their investigation it comes to light that it was case of marriage against the wishes of their family.

  Yahsvardhan delve deep in past life of Siva to unravel what caused a meek and gentle boy to rebel against the society. And he finds out that his daughter- Pinki has fallen in love with a boy –Mithilesh, of other caste.

Will Mithilesh’s and Pinki’s love blossom? Why was Siva’s and Gauri’s family against their marriage? If Gauri had killed Siva, why did she commit suicide?  How did Siva’s mother die and will the investigating officer P.S Jha unravel the truth behind this? Will Arjun Singh be able to come out of his haunting past?


Theme and Excerpts


1.    “Failures are the stepping stones for success I have heard, but it could be so humiliating I experienced for the first time. “

How many times you have felt the same way as the protagonist in the life felt when he failed? I hope you would agree with the views below.

 ” And is it true that if someone does not qualify for the three letter competitive exams like IAS or IIT, he is a failure? Success and failure are not governed by that narrow definition of what you immediately achieve after a struggle. If that is the case then Mahatma Gandhi is the worst failure in life. All his movements ended in failure and the country was partitioned against his wishes and in his own lifetime. But we consider him father of our nation. Why? Because he showed a way to fight that was legally and morally correct.

2.       How many times you have faced the situation in life where you have experienced

“The classic struggle between the love marriage and arranged marriage which constantly takes place in traditional families. Every day we read news of lynching of lovers in remote villages due to their audacity to break the barriers of traditions handed down by generations. The struggle between tradition and modernity is a continuous one where traditions retreat slowly as economic development advances. Our family was one of the advancing families where traditions were retreating, but some of its pillars were still intact, on which rests an iron curtain that creates a generation gap between a generations bereft of any technological advance and a generation which thrives on technology changes as an everyday affair.”

If you had faced the situation than what you would have done?

“Life always gives you the option to quit. If you want to compromise, you always have that option”. Did you fight or say quit?

3.    Have you ever been stricken by the virus-


Very dangerous. It’s called LOVE.

I told them the night’s story.

Dumb fellow, girls never propose first. Why did you not propose? Do you love her?

I don’t know.

That means you do, said Aman in an authoritative tone. He seemed to have graduated in love engineering apart from electrical engineering.

Or have felt

“It was better for me to fight with an incomprehensible quantum mechanics formula than to remember a girl and talk to her.”

4.       Have you ever faced the question?

I belong to Bihar, I answered bluntly.

You are from Bihar?

I was at odds to think why his facial expressions changed when he came to know that I was from Bihar.

5.       If you have ever faced the above the situations the novel is definitely for you. In between you would come to know about ‘Newton’s window, difference between ‘telescopic and microscopic vision’, the’ hate your salesman syndrome ‘. For some time you would be transported back to your school days and college days and off course would be engrossed in a who done  it thriller. And why the novel is named so will remain a mystery till you finish the novel.


The novel is primarily based in Delhi and Bihar but has references to many other places as far as Kerala. My alma mater and my colleges at my workplace won’t be disappointed as the story has plenty of references of the schools, colleges and my workplace but in other forms.


Characters- The characters are all common man with no superhuman characteristics.

Language- The language is simple. Don’t expect any literary masterpiece.

Tone- The tone is like a suspense thriller and I promise you won’t be able to guess the twists in the story until you read it.

The cover.

The cover is designed keeping in mind the story of the novel. The main protagonists of the novel are shown on a cross road signifying the dilemma they faced in the life. The track signifies the endless story of life they had embarked upon which ended suddenly. The sign of Delhi metro is kept to show the connection of the story with the Delhi Metro.


The pricing.

Some people have complained that the price of Rs 200 is high compared to the Rs 100 books available in the market. But as I have already said the book is different from such types of books available in the market. Also once you will hold the book you will feel the difference in the quality of the printing and binding of the book which is definitely better than most of the books available in the market. It will always be better to spend Rs 200 on something creative than to spend it on a peg or two of vodka or a Pizza.

Is it different than the so called metro read novels available in the market?


Predictably I would say yes! When I decided to write I first surveyed the kinds of books available in the market. I categorized it in two groups.

1.       Light read novel with predictable stories of campus love stories and unbelievable twists and acts which they pass on as books for youth.

2.       Highly complex novels with great number of pages and having heavy dose of philosophy or just a who done it thriller.


I believed there is a third group of novel readers who are completely ignored. The ones who are interested in philosophy of life or in the everyday events but like it to be told in a light manner. In short my novel is for those groups of persons who like short, gripping stories with a real message to be told in simple language.

Is it a real story?

Officially it is not but once you will read it you may come to know the difference between fiction and reality.


Why to buy the novel?

The single most reason to buy the book is to encourage a young writer trying do something creative and trying to tell the story which almost everyone faced at some time of their life but could not narrate it. The persons related to my alma mater or my work place or my native place will definitely like to see their life reflected in the story and they will not be disappointed. More ever if you want to read a real good story this is the novel for you.



To know more about the novel you can do the following

1.       Visit my profile at Orkut or facebook

2.       Visit my website-

3.       Visit my blog-

4.       Write to me at



About the author.

The author (b. 1980) is a native of Bhagalpur (Bihar) and product of Mount Assisi (Bhagalpur) and Modern School –Barakhamba Road (N. Delhi) and has graduated from BIT Sindri, Dhanbad in Electronic engineering in 2003. He is working in BHEL since 2004 and is currently posted at NOIDA and living in Vaishali (Ghaziabad) with his wife-Sarika. He can be contacted at


About the publishers-

Leadstart Corporation has its roots firmly in book publishing, public relations, online retail and education. The organization’s flagship company, Leadstart Publishing, has been hailed, by national and international media, as one of the most successful publishing houses in present India.
Success to this group did not come in small measures. Every year it added, into its portfolio, several businesses, products, services and brands. There is no shortcut to success, and the Leadstart team realizes it well; its claim to success is an excellent blend of creative inspiration and individual approach to each customer. The company, today, has offices in India and the US and operates from around the world with global partners.



The urge to write


Everybody who came to know I have written a novel was pleasantly surprised and I could sense the questions on everybody’s face- Why? How? When?

Just to answer those unasked questions-

I believe everybody’s life is unique and everyone has stories of their lives that they want to share but few have the patience and time to narrate the stories. Some try to blog, some try to write some articles and some just try to pass it on orally. I decided to write it down in form of a book. But as we all know who is interested in life of a common man? I decided to give it some twists and turn and got a gripping story.




How to Buy


A Metro Nightmare by Shiv Kumar:

How to buy-

1.       Online links

2.       Bookstores

The novel is or will be available at the bookstores mentioned below. Interested persons can book their copy from the bookstores. The list will be updated as and when more bookstores will be updated.

1. Bangalore

 1. Axis Books (Bangalore)

330/9, 2nd Main,

Intermediate Ring Road, Ring Road,

Domlur Layout, Bangalore - 560 071.

Tel.No.+91 80 41526657/40383838


2. Gangaram's Book Bureau (Bangalore)

Gangaram's Book Bureau

72, Mahatma Gandhi Road,

Banglore - 560 001.Mr, Prakash Gangaram



 3. Prism The Book Shop (Bangalore)

# 16, 11th Main,

IV Block, Jayanagar,

Bangalore - 560 011.Tel.No.26637527

Mr.M.K.Rakesh Kumar 9844066375.


4. Puliani Book House (Bangalore)

No.7, First Floor, 3rd Main,

Hotel Street,Below Bangalore Residency

Gandhinagar, Bangalore - 560 009.

Tel.No.42515151/22342121 Mr, Vinayak


5. Sairam Book Paradise (Bangalore)

Sri Venktabri Arcade,26,Gandhi Market,

Main Road,Between Vidyarati Bhavan

& Rotiaghar,Basavanugdi,Banglore - 56000

Mr, Venkatesh Babu 09341973854


2. Chandigarh


1. Atma Ram & Sons (Chandigarh)

Book Sellers

57, University Campus, Sector -14,

Chandigarh - 160014. Mr.Mukesh Sharma

Tel : 09870483361


2. Capital Book Depot (Chandigarh)



Tel.No.0172 2702260 , 2702594

3. The Book Shelf (Chandigarh)

Bay Shop No.399,

Sector 32-D,


Tel.No.0172-5087686, 4655399


4. The Browser Book Store & Library

Sco 14 & 15,Sector 8 C,

Chandigrah - 160018.





Raahat Plaza, 172, Arcot Road,


Chennai - 600 026.



2. Eswar Books (Chennai)

Archana Arcade,27,Nateshan Street,

T.Nagar, Chennai - 600017.

Tamil Nadu. Mr.Periya Samy

Tel.No.24345902, 24339591,24335424.



C/o.Pusthak Bharati,

# 7, Sannathi Street,

Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004.

Tel.No.24611345/24511141 (M) 9940154105


4. The Book Points (I) Pvt Ltd (Chennai)

160,Anna Salai,

Chennai - 600 002.


Mr.Ashok 9840794029


4. Gurgaon

Book N More (Gurgaon)

A-130, Supermart-I,

DLF Phase-4,

Gurgaon - 122001.(Haryana)

Ms.Anuva Saurabh Tel:124-4042187


5. Hydrabad

1. A.A.Husain & Co. (Hydrabad)

5-8-551, Arastu Trust Bldg,

Abid Road,Hyderabad,Andra Pradesh.

Tel.No.040-23203724 - Mr.Asif Hussein Ar


2. Akshara Book Shop (Hydrabad)

Plot No.5,UBI Colony,

Police Station Road,Road No.3,

Banjara Hills,Hyderabad - 34.

Tel.No.040-27804626 HO.23554096



1st Floor, Narayan Naik Complex,

Behind Gandhi Gyan Mandir

Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad - 500 095.(A.P)



6.  Jalandhar

Khurana Book Store (Jalandhar)

Shop No.M-13, Opp.Chandigarh Counter,

Jalandhar Bus Stand,Jalandhar (Punjab)

Mr.Charandeep Singh Khurana

Tel : 09888241085


 7. Kolkata


1. Cosmos Book House (Kolkata) 

14, Free School Street,

Kolkata - 16.


2.  P.C. Dutt (Kolkata)

B-46, New Market

Kolkata - 700087

Ph. 033-22520452


8. Ludhiana

The Book Shop (Ludhiana)

Shop No.4, Bus Stand,

Ludhiana (Punjab)

Mr.Vipan Nayyar

Tel : 161-5062514/5062514/921740675


9. Mumbai


1. Book Plaza (Mumbai)

Opp.Thakur Engg, College,

Gate No.4-5, Samata Nagar

Singh Estate,Kandivali (E), Mumbai - 101

Tel.No. 22922165 / (M) 9819813223


2. Durai Book House(Mumbai)

Shop No. 1, Patel Mahal,

Plot No. 373, King Circle, Matunga,

Mumbai- 400019

Mr. Vishwanathan 9892109117


3. Happy Book Stall (Mumbai)

8, Rizvi House, 34, R.N.Marg,

Bandra, Mumbai - 400 050.


(M) : 9224426325


4. Jawahar Vidyalaya (Goregaon)

H N Compound, Behind City Centre Mall,

M G Road, Goregaon (West),

Mumbai - 400 062. Librarina : Sharmila

Tel : 28743257/28739562


5. Paradises Books & More (Mumbai)

Next To Otters Club,

Opp.Sunflower Building,

Carter Road, Bandra( West), Mumbai - 50.

Tel.No. 26431020 Mr. Chavan


6. People Book House (Mumbai)

People Book House,meher House,15 Cawasji

Patel Street,fort Mumbai - 400001.

Tel.No.22873768 Mr.Gopal Pujari


7. Readers & Paradise (Mumbai)

63, Warden Road, Breach Candy,

Mumbai - 400 026.

Mr.Amrish Ved

Tel : 23644441

8. The Book Quest (Mumbai)

105,Nehru Road,Vile Parle(E),

Mumbai - 400057.

Tel.No.26108435 Mr.Chirag Shah


10. New Delhi


1. Famous Book Store (New Delhi)

25, Janpath Bhawan,

New Janpath Market,

New Delhi - 110001.(India)



2. Lakshmi Book Store (New Delhi)

18, Janpath Bhavan,


New DElhi - 110001.(India)

Tel. 011-23327181/23718152



3. Midland-the Book Store (New Delhi)

A Varbindo Palace, Hauz Khas,

New Delhi - 110016.

Nayyar Book Depot (New Delhi)

127, South Moti Bagh Market,

New Delhi - 21



4. Paramount Book Store (New Delhi)


NEW DELHI - 110 001.

5.  Standard Book Company (New Delhi)

124-125, Municipal Market,

Super Bazar Compound,Cannaught Palace,

P.O.Box 708, New Delhi - 110001.

Tel : 011-23413899/23413828


11.  Pondicherry

1. Focus The Book Shop (Pondicherry)

204 Cathedral Street,(Mission Street)

Pondicherry - 605001.

Tel.No. 0413 - 2345513 Mr.Michael Antony

Pustakk Mandira (Pondicherry)


2. 155A,M.G.Road,(Upstair)

Aurobindo Street Cutting,

Pondicherry - 605001 Mr.Sampath Kumar






12. Pune

 Hallmark Image Gallery (Pune)

33/4 , L.I.G. Colony, Sector No.25 ,

Pradhikaran, Nigadi, Pune - 411 044.

Mr.Shivaji Mirgale

Tel : 9370935948/9604478967


13. Ranchi

1. Book Zone (Ranchi)

Shop No.LL08,Hari OmTower,70 Circular Rd

Opp.Ranchi Womens College,

Ranchi - 834001 (Jharkand) Mr.Vinod Podd

Tel : 0651-2563143/9835106859


2. Subodh Granthmala (Ranchi)

Pustak Path,

Ranchi - 834001

(Jharkhand) Mr.Rajesh Sharma

Tel : 0651-2202858/9431114547


 14.  Trivendrum


Prabhus Books (Trivendrum)

Ayurveda College Jn.

Old Sreekanteshwaram Raod,

TVM - 695001.

471-2479586 Mr.Venu

Apart from the above mentioned bookstores the book  is also available through Landmark bookstores all over India. For location of landmark stores please visit


3.       If the book is not available or cannot be bought from the above mentioned list for any reason you can always get the book by writing directly to me at I will provide you the book anywhere in India on payment of Rs 200/per copy to my account (account no on request). The courier/post charges will be borne by me. The discount will be available only when the order will be more than two copies. All copies purchased through me will be signed with date.



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