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Replica Rolex is a watch company that challenges the status quo in mechanical watchmaking. In collaboration with Chronopassion (the most crazy watch retailer in the globe), Ressence is thrilled to announce the Type 1 ZZ, a limited edition and very black Type 1 Slim.

best Replica Rolex is a discrete tribute to the famous Texan rock group that Laurent Picciotto loves. ZZ is a Flemish word that means "zwart zwart", which can be translated as "black black" in Flemish. Ressence, a Belgian brand, is based in Antwerp.

While the watch is 100% faithful to its Replica Rolex, it has a stealthy look thanks to its mainly black exterior. Ressence's "less can be more" philosophy allows it to create timeless, contemporary watches. The DLC (diamond like-carbon) treatment on the case is matt black, which enhances the illusion that the dial and case are one. A different surface treatment is also available for the Ressence Orbital Convex System, a unique and patent-pending module that features ever-changing discs that orbit around each other. The dial's 9 components are finished in matt dark gray PVD (physicalvapor deposition). Finally, the hands are finished in black polished steel. This gives it a monochrome, avant-garde appearance.

The replica watches rolex can be manually adjusted via a lever located on the case back. The crown is not present on the watch. Instead, it uses the case-back to wind and set the watch. This allows for better ergonomics and allows for a left-right fit.

swiss Replica Rolex origin is more than a subtle and refined design. It was the result of a close friendship and a meeting. It connects Benoit Mintiens (founder of Ressence) to Laurent Picciotto (founder of Chronopassion). Without our first partners, we wouldn't be where are today. We are grateful to those who have trusted us since the beginning of this adventure. Laurent and a few other people have opened the way for me. I will always be grateful to them." Benoit Mintiens. "Ressence is one the few horological achievements of the past decade. I still vividly remember my first interview with Benoit about his watches. I was stuck. I was stuck. Laurent stresses.

Ressence is unique in its pursuit of improving the mechanical watch. The Replica Rolex is an example of Ressence's determination to create 21st-century products that are both authentic and exclusive.

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