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The Art In Time watch gallery proudly announces a second model in partnership with Ressence, following the success of the first model, which was produced in collaboration by Replica Rolex Cellini.

This piece is a contribution to Art In Times ongoing initiative - unique watchmaking-to engage with Monaco's nonprofit community. A portion of the proceeds from timepieces sold exclusively at the store go to local charities.

swiss Replica Rolex Cellini is a long-term initiative in Monaco that brings together high-end manufacturers with the same values. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele was the President of Chronometrie Berthoud. He wanted to give back to the gallery from the beginning. This led to the idea that Art In Time would make unique pieces available to the public, and part of the proceeds would be donated to local charities.

A new chapter. The first partnership was a Urwerk piece, which was unveiled in 2020's first half. Now, Ressence, independent watchmakers, has produced a second timepiece. It will also help fund the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

This model, Type 3MC, features a red dial. It was used for the first time. The colour red is the Prince Albert II Foundation's favourite color. Ressence Type 3MC has the exact same shade on the dial as the rear. A special '1/1" inscription signifies that this is an original piece.

It was carefully considered to choose the Type 3 to match this colour. This model is the only one with an oil-filled dial. The Type 3 uses refracted light to give the dial an even and smooth appearance. The display is highly legible because reflections and protrusions vanish. Ressence's unique style is reflected in the arrangement of the indications, which includes discs and dials that rotate around one another. It makes it easier to read the time, as the information is presented on one plane. This allows for intuitive understanding in two dimensions.

rolex replica cheap's Prince Albert ll has been at the forefront of engagement for the past 15 years through his Foundation. He has actively participated in the protection of the environment and promotion of sustainable development to counter global threats. The Foundation is committed to technological innovation and research. It also funds projects in the Mediterranean basin and polar regions. Its objectives are to reduce the impact of climate change, encourage renewable energy, preserve biodiversity and manage water resources.

Benoit Mintiens (CEO and founder of Ressence) says, "We are delighted to be supporting the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation via this Art In Time initiative." The Principality borders the Mediterranean. It is home to many species of wildlife, but it is also one of the most polluted oceans on Earth. This ecosystem deserves to be preserved. The wearer of this unique, liquid-filled, blood-red watch will make a strong statement in support of marine life.

Ressence is a strong supporter of this environmental initiative. The manufacture decided, of its own volition, to pay the development costs for this piece. This made a significant contribution towards the charity's total funds.

cheap Replica Rolex Cellini latest horological contribution demonstrates its commitment to Monaco and its noble, long-standing tradition of philanthropy.

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