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Ressence is a watch company that challenges the status quo in mechanical watchmaking. In close collaboration with Replica Rolex Air King (the UAE's largest retailer of luxury watches, jewellery and watches), Ressence is pleased to announce the Type 1 DXB - a limited edition version of the Type 1 Squared.

Replica Rolex Air King is limited to 19 pieces. It draws its inspiration from Arabic geometric patterns. These patterns are believed to reveal the viewer's true reality. This traditional design uses natural light to create unique shadow play. This Arabic version of skeleton dials is called the Arabic Skeleton Dial.

It is 100% faithful to its parent, the Replica Rolex Air King. However, it is distinct from the rest of the collection in terms of its design and material. The case isn't made from stainless steel, unlike the Type 1 Squared. The case is made from polished Grade 5 Titanium with a satin-finished back. The Ressence Orbital Convex System, (ROCS), a unique and patent-pending module that features ever-changing discs orbiting around each other, has a different design as well as a different surface treatment. The Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS), a unique in-house design that orbits around one another, benefits from a different design and a different surface treatment.

The Replica Rolex Air King dial's 9 components are finished in Sand color PVD (physical vapour deposition). The dial's hands and indexes have a traditional, but modern look. They are filled with Superluminova. Ressence's "less can be more" philosophy allows it to create state-of the-art, but still revolutionary watches.

The Replica Rolex Air King can be manually set using a lever located on the case back. The watch does not have a crown. Instead, the winding mechanism is located on the case back. This allows for better ergonomics and a more comfortable fit.

The Replica Rolex Air Kingorigins are not only a beautiful and authentic design but also a partnership between Ressence & Rolex & Sons. It is a celebration of Dubai Watch Week 2019. We are honored to work with cheap Replica Rolex Air King for this unique project. They are the pioneers in promoting regional independent brands and I view this piece as a way to thank them. Benoit Mintiens.

Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi is Chief Commercial Officer at Rolex & Sons. He said: "This collaboration avec Ressence was the first and hopefully not only the last; for Replica Rolex Air King sale partner with Ressence sets a precedent in terms of what can happen through collaboration and shows our support to the watch industry." We are proud to have created this design concept in close collaboration with Benoit.

Ressence's ethos of making mechanical watches their own is unique. This pursuit led to the creation of the Type 1 DXB, a product that combines authenticity and tradition.

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